Saturday, August 26, 2006

Experimental Text Festival Call for work:

Experimental Text Festival at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater
Curated by Sally Oswald and Jennifer Tsuei

The Ontological will host an Experimental Text Festival, a four-night multi-arts event designed to promote interest in new forms of notation and unorthodox methods of making and presenting work. The festival will feature short form works by established and emerging artists who will gather over a few months to discuss issues around working with experimental texts.

Intent to apply e-mail: September 1, 2006 to
Application due in hand October 1, 2006.

Writers and artists concerned with experimental text: you are invited to submit project proposals to take part in this May 2007 festival. Your involvement will include several meetings with fellow creators as well as two - four performances. Curators Sally Oswald (Play: A Journal of Plays) and Jennifer Tsuei (Fantasias for the Immoderate) seek graphically dynamic, alternately oriented, unusually notated, or formally rebellious texts that call for new approaches to staging and performance. All genres and all media welcome: poetry, sound, video, dance, visual art and beyond. Curators are especially interested in artists who are taking aesthetic risks, and who will participate generously in discussions about making work and supporting each other in development. Emerging artists encouraged, established artists welcome.

We would prefer to hear from you by September 1, 2006 if you intend to apply. No one will be disqualified for not dropping a line, but it would certainly help us look out for your application.

Deliver your application in hard copy to the Ontological by October 1, 2006 along with any supporting materials. Since we are trying to present the newest of ideas, we need a bit of explanation of your goals and methods. Don't sweat it - and write us if you have questions.

Festival Tech and Performances are May 14-20, 2007. Light board, sound op, and Stage Manager to call the show will be provided. Groups must provide own running crew, rehearsal stage manager, and designers as needed. Available lighting will be a very simple rep plot hung for our festival and another festival, which will be running at the same time. The Ontological will promote the festival on its website and will print postcards, but cannot provide rehearsal space or any additional resources.

Applications should be initiated by writers. Festival Tech and Performances are May 14-20, 2007. Writers/artists will be asked to attend four developmental meetings between February 1, 2007 and the festival. These meetings will allow participants to get to know one another, discuss working methods, resources, and production needs. Depending on participants' wishes, meetings may be oriented towards showing work-in-progress, problem solving, or sharing technique. The meetings are, overall, intended to be short, helpful, and build community.

1. COVER PAGE your name, address, e-mail address, phone, and contact info for all collaborators.

2. RESUMES for main collaborators. List three references for yourself (This is only to give us a sense of your artistic community).

3. PAST WORK include a text you've completed and a paragraph describing where and how it was done or could be done. You may include any supporting graphics, video, etc that you think will help us envision your past work.

4. EXPERIMENTAL TEXT: Enclose a copy of the text you plan to explore through this festival. Running time may be as short as 7 minutes but no longer than 25 minutes. While we expect your text could change through the rehearsal process, please submit what you have right now. We will be reading it for the inventiveness of your tactics towards composition and the page. You may include a page or two of seed material that has helped you generate this text (images, found text etc) if applicable.

5. APPROACH (1 page max) – please answer these questions:
-what do you want us to know about your text?
-what should we know about your text in performance?
-where are you coming from in terms of your training or background?
-what are your aesthetic goals and desires?
-what kind of impact do you want to have?

6. WORKING METHODS (1 page max) – please answer the below, briefly:
-who are you going to work with to present this text?
-what will your working methods be?
-what are you envisioning this performance to look like?
-what is your access to rehearsal space and materials?
-what about this festival appeals to you?

Intent to apply courtesy e-mail by September 1, 2006.
Mail your application materials to arrive by October 1, 2006.
Ontological - Hysteric Theater
131 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10003
Attn: Experimental Text Festival


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